Client Testimonials

Through the course of numerous real estate dealings in both Ohio and NC I have made acquaintance with many, many real estate agents. Few, if any, have demonstrated the level of professionalism that Ms. Crumpler has. Admittedly, the property we listed in Swansboro was on the market for some period of time (no fault of the agent) before it sold. During that time Christy regularly kept us informed of any potential selling opportunities and employed various sales strategies to promote the property. She did an excellent job to attending to closing details as we were out of state and unable to monitor transactions as closely as we would have liked. Highest regards for this agent. She is a gift to your team.

- Richard & Jackie O, Silver Lake, OH 


We found Christy to be extremely responsive to our needs. Communication with her was easy and informative. Thanks!

- Gary & Jean K, Leland,  NC


Christy is OUR agent.She is diligent, hard working. She keeps us updated. She responds promptly. We wish she could list our properties in Brunswick Co. We just love her.

                                                                                                         - Genie & Jim C, Danville, PA


I cannot offer enough positive comments about how helpful Christy Crumpler has been to me throughout this entire process. As background for my situation, for the past several years my wife’s health and physical condition has been poor. Because of this, I have been unable to leave her alone for more than a couple of hours at a time. Thus, I have been unable to come to Cape Carteret. I have depended on Christy for so much. She has been very helpful in assisting me in identifying persons and firms to handle hurricane-related repairs to the house. Her insight about marketing the property has been valuable. She has been easy to get in touch with—almost always I have been able to reach her on the intitial phone call. In my estimation, she is a jewel. Thanks to Christy and Bluewater for everything!

Christy is very helpful. She’s excellent dealing with unexpected glitches caused by buyers or attorneys or county. She’s terrific and we will happily use her again.

Christy did an excellent job of taking care of us every step of the way.

Christy was great, very patient. Kept us well informed. Thanks!

We have used Christy several times to buy and sell. She never disappoints! Always efficient, professional, courteous and thorough. Thank you!

We used Christy a few years ago to list and sell a property in the Broad Creek area. I found her online and liked her bio. Since then, we decided to buy another home in the Carteret/Onslow County area (as a second home). We again asked Christy to represent us and are still impressed with her level of knowledge regarding real estate. She’s professional, accessible, and just plain great. I would recommend her in the future. Thanks!

From the very start, Christy was available for questions and had all the answers. I strongly recommend her to anyone for all their real estate needs. The lender and the attorney’s office seemed to have a communication problem passing the closing information to the seller (me). The POA that was used by the buyer was a problem and caused some aggravation for me, but Christy was on top of it for us.

Christy was fantastic to deal with. She gave us updates frequently and most importantly she SOLD our property—something 3 previous Realtors were unable to do for the past 8 years. Many thanks!

Christy was great. She knew the market, kept us well-informed and led the way for our property to close. We would definitely use her again and gladly recommend to others!

Christy was a joy to work with. She is very professional and resourceful. If Christy did not have an answer to something she would say so but then go find out the answer immediately and keep you updated. Christy handled all communications very swiftly and professionally. I would be delighted to recommend Christy to any potential client in the future. I am hoping to be her client for my next transaction.

The transaction was completed without any problems. The help and expertise we received from Christy C. was well beyond the norm. She was available answering questions 24/7 seven days a week. Could not ask for a more dedicated pro than her.

I am very pleased with my new beach home away from home. My salesperson was top-notch! Christy made me feel as if I was always her priority from the day I met her until I closed. Likely if I contacted her about anything even now—I have no doubt she would respond and find a satisfactory answer for me! She was wonderful throughout my entire process but even more so as it seemed my lender (where I have banked for many years) was dragging their feet. Christy made numerous phone calls to them as well as to our closer and kept me in the loop at all times. I realize my condo is not a major purchase for a well known company like Bluewater but I can assure you—Christy treated me as if I were a million dollar buyer! I am not sure if she is a million dollar seller but in my book she is a multi-million dollar agent! So grateful to have worked with such a knowledgeable, caring person!

What a great experience I had with Christy Crumpler. She is the best! I never had any problem reaching her, she was always available and very accommodating to my needs. I am so very happy in my new home. She made my experience a very pleasant one. I will not hesitate to recommend her and Bluewater to anyone. Thank you.

You cannot improve upon perfection. Christy Crumpler is above perfection. My wife and I purchased 2 homes from her and she is absolutely perfection—

Christy Crumpler was our agent and I wish to say she was very patient and professional during the sale of our home on Emerald Isle and the house we bought in Blue Heron Bay. She worked with us for a long time when the real estate market was way down. I am sure we tried her patience many times, but she was always very professional and courteous. We feel she is a friend, as well as a good agent. We ended up very happy with the sale of our home on Emerald Isle, and Christy helped us find just what we wanted in Blue Heron Bay. I would highly recommend her to others selling or buying a home, and of course, Bluewater, as well.

Love working with Christy. She is easy to get up with and always pleasant and dependable

We were very satisfied with Christy. It did take a while to sell, but we knew it would. She was always friendly and professional. It was such an easy closing, we didn’t have to be there. We would certainly recommend Christy to anyone who was looking a Realtor down there.

Christy Crumpler exceeded her responsibility in assisting us in the purchase of the property we just made. It is because of Christy that we kept our cool because the holding company and their lawyers did not have their act together and we had to do their work for them. You have an extremely competent agent in Christy. Should we contemplate making more real estate purchases we will have Christy as our real estate person. There are not enough words to express our appreciation for the undying work that Christy did to make our purchase go smooth./p>

When I decided to sell my home in Cedar Point, I was fortunate to remember Christy from ten years earlier. As a buyer in that transaction, I had decided that if I ever needed an agent’s service, I would call her. With my being an absentee owner selling a custom house I built, never intending to sell, she had a challenge. I realized some of the design features I liked would limit the interest. She did a professional job marketing my home, generating an immediate response from the eventual buyer. If she had delayed taking the pictures she used to highlight the benefits of the property, we would have missed this opportunity. After the buyer saw the house by “accident”, he rushed home to get more info on the website. Although he had not previously considered buying a home in Cedar Point, the idea was planted. She moved him to action. Within one week of calling Christy, I had an offer. Being the only person to look at the house made this a perfect closing percentage. She even convinced me to counter offer to get the price back to very near her original asking price. Many obstacles came our way, eventually delaying the closing ten days. I was understandable nervous and called Christy many times to be assured that this deal would get done. She never failed to answer my many phone calls and e-mails and was always available. She also has a rare selling skill. She listens more than she talks. We closed today! I am sure other agents at Bluewater get similar results and hear testimonials from grateful sellers all the time. This story is the one that matters to me because it was my house, the special one I built for my wife. We never thought we’d sell it, but once the decision was made, Christy made it happen in a way that I think only she could have.

Christy, thank you so much for all the help & expertise you provided us as our Realtor. Hopefully this was a unique situation that you won’t encounter again anytime soon! We will be sure to pass your name along to anyone we know who is looking for an agent in the area. Thanks again!

Christy was seller’s agent and I was unrepresented. I found her to be extremely professional, responsive and accommodating, as well as knowledgeable, particularly as to “local knowledge”. I thought she did an excellent job for her principal by promptly responding to me & providing the information I needed to make decisions. She should get a bonus.

Dear Mr. Warren: (That’s Woody Warren—president of Bluewater Real Estate) Thank you for letting me use the services of Christy Crumpler. She is a most competent and knowledgeable realtor. She was always available to me. As a single woman I found this to be very important. I highly recommend her to any future buyer or seller

I recommend Christy Crumpler who took care of the sale of my property. This is the second time that she did an excellent job for me.

I just happened upon Christy. I had a property in mind to buy but ended up buying another one from her. She was friendly, very knowledgeable of the area and professional. She stayed on top of the sale, communicated very well and was always available to take a call. She knew more about the closing than the attorney did. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to others.

Christy Crumpler came highly recommended by friends. She certainly exceeded expectations. Treated me professionally and gave sound advice. My hat off to her

I was very pleased with service. It could not have been better.

We were quite satisfied by the hard work / effort displayed by Christy during the time both our lot and our rental property were on the market.

Thanks for everything Christy! If we ever find ourselves moving back that way, we’ll be sure to give you a call.

I really enjoyed working with Christy Crumpler. She was always there to help me when I called on her. I would say she always had a professional performance. Thank you!

Thank you for all you did for me. It was all so hard. Moving always is even under such a situation as ours. Thanks for selling the house!!!!!

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