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Just for Sellers

Tips for a faster sale!

Many of these cosmetic changes can be made with minimal time and expense, yet they can influence how quickly your home sells and at what price. Buyers will be comparing your property to competing properties. So here are a few practical tips to help yours stand out above the rest!

Enhance the Yard:  curb appeal makes a difference


   Keep lawn neat and tidy


   Plant extra flowers for color


   Trim shrubs and upgrade landscaping if needed


   Repair driveway, sidewalks or step areas


   Paint fence or patio enclosure


   Put away outdoor tools and equipment


   Reduce clutter

Enhance the Exterior: make that 1st  impression count!


 Paint the front door and garage door if needed


 Consider painting window trim and sash


 Replace faded house numbers


 Check roof shingles and gutters


 Wash windows and screens


 Clean the garage/carport


 Replace old welcome mat

Extra Efforts: little things do get noticed

 Clean and brighten naturally dim rooms and basement


 Repair doors and/or windows that stick


 Tighten loose door knobs, towel racks, cabinet handles

      and switch plates


 Check all plumbing; leaky faucets and clean away water



 Delightful aromas add to the ambiance of your house.

       Scented candles or potpourri and the aroma of freshly

        baked bread or cookies welcome any prospective buyer.


 Turn off the television and radio


 Turn on all lights for a bright and welcoming appearance


 Confine your pets, or take them for a ride. That potential

        buyer  could be afraid of or allergic to animals


 Don’t allow buyers into your property unless accompanied

        by  a sales associate


 Vacate the house if at all possible. Prospects feel free to

        comment when the homeowners is not present.


 If you cannot leave, let your sales associate do the talking;

        he or she knows best how to present the features of your


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